Business Email Template in Blue Colors



Business email template in blue color scheme. We assure you that this template will help you to present your products and services more attractively to your visitors and potential clients.

Business email template made in blue color scheme. We know that good email strategy deepens your relationship with your audience. We also know that it is not easy to design good and functional email templates these days. You need something clean and readable that simply calls to action. Fortunately, once again we are here to offer you perfect option to save yourself time, money and efforts. We assure you that our email template will help you reach more subscribers and keep their interest in your products or services. The PSD source file that you will find in the downloadable archive is carefully prepared to be easy for modifying and editing. All layers are properly named grouped and arranged which will ease your work even more. Note that we have included also tags for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor! If this is what you are looking for simply click on the download button below and grab our business email template in blue colors now!

The downloadable archive contains 3 HTML files: standard HTML, campaign monitor and mailchimp compatible versions. If you want to upload this template in campaign monitor you should compress in “zip” the “images” folder and use the “email-campaignmonitor.html” file. If you prefer to use MailChimp instead you have to upload “zip” archive consisting of the “images” folder + “email-mailchimp.html” file. However we have included sliced PSD file, so you will be able to modify the design to fit your needs best. For more details check the attached “instructions.pdf” file.

Business Email Template in Blue Colors Preveiw

Business Email Template in Blue Colors Preveiw

 Business Email Template in Blue Colors:

  • Layered PSD files

  • Tested in all major email clients.

  • MailChimp editable versions.

  • CampaignMonitor editable versions.

  • MailChimp tags included:

    • mc:edit=”text”

    • mc:edit=”title”

    • mc:edit=”image”

    • mc:repeatable

    • *|UNSUB|*

    • *|FORWARD|*

    • *|ARCHIVE|*


    • *|EMAIL|*

    • *|LIST:ADDRESS|*

    • *|LIST:COMPANY|*

    • *|CURRENT_YEAR|*

    • *|DATE|*

  • CampaignMonitor tags included:

    • <singleline>

    • <multiline>

    • <img editable>

    • <repeater>

    • <unsubscribe>

    • <forwardtoafriend>

    • <webversion>

    • <preferences>

    • <currentday>

    • <currentdayname>

    • <currentmonth>

    • <currentmonthname>

    • <currentyear>

    • [email]

File Format: HTML, PSD
Size: 1.85 MB
Author: FreeMailTemplates

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